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Dr Christie Lewis is an NHS GP, qualified Physiotherapist and Acupuncturist and more recently she has transitioned towards the role of a private Health & Life Coach.  his new role has allowed her to concentrate on helping people overcome stress and avoid reaching burnout, allowing people to find balance and compassion in their lives so that they can get back to being the happiest, healthiest version of themselves. Throughout the year she runs workshops and relaxing weekend retreats to help address the impact burnout and stress has on our health.

Preventative Medicine has always  been a passion of Christie’s, encouraging people to live a balanced life by making positive lifestyle changes. Keeping active is a particular passion, as it is vital for a healthy body and mind. Christie understands that it can be difficult to fit exercise into your busy life though so her role in Your Lifestyle Doctors is to offer lots of ideas and hacks of how easy it is to fit exercise into your life without you even realising!

You can find out more about her lifestyle tips, workshops, retreats and Health & Life Coaching at  and Instagram/Facebook.​