Dr Punam Krishan is a NHS GP in Scotland with special interests in lifestyle medicine, public, mental children and women’s health. She is also a health and life coach who works with people on a one to one basis, helping them to overcome chronic health behaviours and fears, empowering them to take more control and charge over their own health and wellbeing needs.

Punam has trained in meditation, mindfulness and NLP and teaches her patients through motivational interviewing how to make positive, sustainable changes.

She also works as a medical appraiser and lecturer at the University of Glasgow. Punam is a trustee and director of the British society of lifestyle medicine and works closely with the community in Glasgow to raise awareness of public health issues.

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She works in the media as a writer and broadcaster, sharing health and lifestyle education to the public.

When not doing all of this, she loves living life to its fullest with her family. She has a little boy and a fur-baby who are her daily sources of inspiration.

Dr Krishan’s role within YLD is health coaching and is our expert mental health and stress management.