Dr Baruah graduated from University College London Medical School. She holds a BSc in Physiology, diplomas in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Sexual Health and a Postgraduate Certificate in Primary Care Education with Merit.

She completed her membership with the Royal College of General Practice in 2011 and has worked in both the public and private sector. She is currently a portfolio GP, working as a GP Partner and Trainer in a large South London practice. Dr Baruah is a certified Health Coach with the European Mentoring and Coaching Council and uses various tools to help patients with areas from goal setting to behaviour change.

In her LMC representative role, she worked with the department of Public Health to win a British Heart Foundation grant to develop an innovative system to detect and prevent hypertension through lifestyle changes for local residents. She is one of the Founding Directors of Culinary Medicine UK, a social enterprise aiming to educate health care professionals about the role of nutrition in medicine using the kitchen as a classroom and a unique collaboration between doctor, dietitian and chef tutors. The goal is to help patients make better choices with diet in order to improve disease outcomes.

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She is passionate about empowering both patients and health care professionals through education and has led various seminars in London. Dr Baruah was invited to create workshops for an International Cruise Ship liner as part of their Passenger Health and Wellbeing programme and taught on topics including brain health, meditation and resilience.

Dr Baruah’s role role within Your Lifestyle Dcotors is to collaborate with like minded colleagues to spread knowledge and practical tips to the public through interactive events focused on lifestyle medicine